Pengayun-ayun Art Exhibition by Sanggarbambu Arts Community – 60th Year Anniversary of Sanggarbambu

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Opening Ceremony: 30 Juni 2019
Open for public: 1 – 6 July 2019.
Venue: Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah aka. Taman Budaya Solo (TBS)

Sanggarbambu is one of the well known art communities in the country. Established in 1959, Sanggarbambu is a renowned art community born in Yogyakarta, with the members and participants and colleagues from almost across Indonesia – which has given birth to many celebrated Indonesian artists in the fields of literature, the fine arts, drama/theater, traditional dancings, poetry and etc. Sanggarbambu founding fathers decided this art community to be and remain neutral (non political) and it is remaining until now.

SOLO or known also as Surakarta is one of the art centrals in Indonesia. Home for Batik Arts, Wayang (Puppets shows), Javanese Tunic Fashions, Royal Capital of Central Java, Cultures and many more.


Art Greetings & Thank you very much.

Guntur Bisowarno



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